God’s Plans Cannot Be Thwarted


“Then Job answered the LORD, and said, I know that thou canst do every thing, and that no thought can be withholden from thee.” (Job 42:1-2)

When Job said to God, “I know that thou canst do everything, and that no thought can be withholden from thee,” he was not trying to say that God knows everyone’s thoughts. Of course, God does know every thought we could possibly think, but this verse is teaching us something else about God. It is teaching us about God’s sovereignty, His absolute rule and total control over everything. Anything that God thinks up is His idea, and He can do whatever He pleases. None of us are able to hold God back if He has made up His mind to do something. That is what Job meant when he said, “No thought can be withholden from thee.”

None of God’s purposes can be thwarted. Do you know what thwarted means? It means to be twisted or wrenched around or messed up or squashed. God’s plans cannot fail, and nobody can stop Him from accomplishing His will.

Have you ever been watching a football game and heard someone shout “Interference!”? If the quarterback is throwing the football to the receiver, and somebody from the other team grabs onto the receiver or knocks him over before he can catch the ball, that is called “interference.” The catch is never completed like it was supposed to be because the receiver was “interfered with.” Human beings interfere in each others’ lives all the time, and everyday circumstances can thwart our plans, too. Our plans get changed all the time. Our picnics get rained out. Our favorite sports teams do not make it to the playoffs. Your parents’ car might break down during your vacation. Maybe your best friend’s family has to move 800 miles away.

As human beings, we have to get used to interference and thwarted plans. We aren’t able to make everything go the way we plan. We are not all-powerful and all-knowing. But we can be glad that God is. We can rejoice that God is sovereign and that He does whatever He pleases. He is in control of what happens in our lives – and not only that, but He cares about what happens in our lives. There are many promises in the Bible that speak of how God intends to do things for His glory and for our good. He knows the plans that He has, and we can know for sure that no one and nothing can hold Him back from carrying them out.

God’s purposes can never be messed up, and we can trust Him to do whatever He sets out to do.

My Response:
» Since I know that God can do everything and none of His plans can be messed up, how should that change my attitude when my own plans get messed up?
» Is there ever any cause for me to worry, fear, or get angry if I really believe God is sovereign?