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Date Added: 07-05-2007

These point cards can be used as additional incentives for your program.  The cards come in two denominations (1 & 5) and can be used in a variety of ways such as "store bucks", team points, points toward special prizes, etc.  For larger denominations please see the K4T Rally Points cards at:

One can use the point cards to encourage attendance, responsibility (Bible, TruthBook, and Standard), visitors, daily devotions, and much more.  One club encourages their children to be on time for club by giving out points to those who are on time.  They have an official time keeper who lets them know the moment club is to begin.  They then draw from a fish bowl, duck pond, or something else to determine how many points the children who were on time gets that week.  This is a unique and fun way to encourage children to be on time to the program, and it works great for their church!

An additional idea is to copy the points on colored paper or cardstock (green, red, gold, and blue). This not only lets you know who is earning the points, but also adds team spirit to your club.


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