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Scenarios for using the awards New file uploaded on 4-14-09 - Zip file is now posted which includes both the text file and also a table style file. The table style file will allow you to select the text...
09-09-2006 2,127 Download
File Size 732.3kB
09-09-2006 2,125 Download
File Size 30kB
This is a sample of the Clubs Brochure that can be purchased from the online store at: replaces Clubs Brochure file originally posted...
05-18-2015 443 Download
File Size 4.3MB
This helpful page downloads as a pdf and gives you our phone numbers, email addresses, and physical addresses including a separate address for payments. You may find this a helpful resource for your church's...
10-28-2011 1,025 Download
File Size 409.3kB
Updated file on 9-30-15 by Marrena
09-09-2006 2,028 Download
File Size 196.8kB
09-09-2006 1,737 Download
File Size 46.8kB
Many churches want a way to train/teach children how to study their Kids 4 Truth curriculum or do a daily devotional each day. This generic, easy to use devotiona/study and prayer journal will help you...
02-21-2013 990 Download
File Size 96kB
This document includes both Ironing Instructions and Award Placement Guides. 8-13-14 = updated file to reflect the new Discoverers Patches. by Marrena
09-09-2006 2,363 Download
File Size 392.2kB
09-09-2006 1,849 Download
File Size 50.2kB
File updated 3-8-16 to add a ten dollar value with Zachariah on it. by Marrena Cash Values: $1 = Zeek $5 = Zebedee $10 = Zachariah Designed using Zeek and Zebedee as the faces on the money, these...
08-18-2014 536 Download
File Size 75.7kB
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