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Kids 4 Truth Level 1 Curriculum Changes for 2014

Level1Book1-Cover-2014_Page_1We would like to take a moment to touch base with you regarding a change in the Kids 4 Truth Curriculum. Kids 4 Truth is keeping levels 2-4 curriculum frozen (no changes to be made), but is making a change to level 1 curriculum.  We are extremely excited about this change as it is one that many churches have requested.

The new Discoverers TruthBooks are much along the lines of levels 2-4. There will now be just two TruthBooks for level 1 just like the other levels with TruthBook 1 containing themes 1-6 and TruthBook 2 containing themes 7-12. Each doctrinal theme includes a Q&A summary page and coloring sheet for each Q&A and two review units with 5 Q&A per page. The children will also have the opportunity to earn up to 5 award patches like the other three levels, and we have added two unique patches for awards 2 and 3 just as the other levels have.The books will continue to have the flexibility to work with different ability levels of 3-5 year olds. A sample of the new Discoverers TruthBook for theme 1 is available to download from the EquipU site. level1 new patches-Discoverers

The core of the curriculum is exactly the same as it has always been. We simply aligning the curriculum with the other levels so that the levels can learn within the same doctrinal themes at the same time. We believe this change will unify and simplify the entire program for churches. With this in mind, all current resources are staying the same. Throughout the next few months we will continue to add new coloring sheets and craft display sheets that corresponds with each of the 120 Questions/Answers (core curriculum) for level 1. 

We welcome the opportunity to discuss with you and/or your workers flexible ways to use the new Discoverers TruthBooks so that you can effectively minister to all of your 3-5 year olds. Please feel free to contact us with your questions at or call our office at 866-754-4272.





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