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Children’s Leaders Advice – January 2014

Bob Roberts, Kids 4 Truth President/Director

Classroom Order: Teacher Reminders

  1. The goal of the children’s ministry should not be your idea of discipline. You are not there to discipline the kids!
    1. Remember the 7 Missions? Discipline is not one of them! That’s not one of your primary objectives.
    2. “Quiet Seat” prize – is performance your objective?
    3. Your philosophy of discipline and order must be governed by what your goals are! Not vice-versa!
    4. Raises a good question? What are you there for?
  2. Love your kids by keeping the lesson interesting, on their level, and moving!
    1. This will eliminate at least half of your discipline problems. When a kid is engaged in the lesson he will not misbehave!
    2. If you believe in your goals, you will be passionate about what you are teaching!
    3. The best kind of discipline is simply being prepared for your lesson! Ouch.
  3. Love the children by preparing your own heart for the day.
    1. Confess sin
    2. Remember how often God has to discipline you!
    3. Depend upon God’s wisdom and power.
    4. Ask for a heart of love for the children (remember, prayer keeps you accountable).
  4. Love your kids by being a loving authority.
    1. Arrive early.
    2. Greet the children.
    3. Have some music playing.
    4. Relate to them. Ask them questions about themselves. Don’t condescend. Talk to them like adults. Love them.
  5. Love your kids by laying down the law.
    1. This will eliminate another 25% of your problems.
    2. Be there early!
    3. Remind them graciously from time to time of what is expected of them. You must have high expectations for the kids!
  6. Love your kids by praising good behavior.
    You get what you honor! That’s why we don’t do a quiet seat prize. We have an excellence award prize.
  7. Love your kids by being proactive. Realize potential problems long before they happen and do your best to eliminate the possibility of a problem.
    1. Illustration of sin – if you wait until dinner to make up your mind that you’re not going to be a glutton, you will fail!
    2. You really love the kids by being alert and helping them remove those obstacles that will keep them from hearing and listening.
    3. Romans 10:17 -- So then faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the word of God. (KJV)
    4. Seat your workers among the problem children – place them creatively
    5. Train your workers to be alert to potential problems
    6. Learn to steal back the attention of the class from the distractions.
  8. When you absolutely have to use discipline, realize that effective discipline can teach truth, so don’t be afraid to use it!
    1. “It is good that I have been afflicted.” – David
    2. “Though he were a Son . . .” – Hebrews
    3. Good, effective discipline can teach these things, but don’t let this be your primary way of teaching!
  9. Who is ultimately responsible for the child’s behavior? The Parents! So, in difficult cases we should utilize them to the max!
    1. What about bus kids? We need to teach these children how to behave in church. Think of methods to encourage positive behavior instead of negative.
    2. What about single parents? Be gracious and understanding when you approach any parent whether they are single or married. Single parents have much on their shoulders raising a child/children alone. We can encourage them and come along beside them to help train the children to listen and behave in church. We can, and should however, always remember the ultimate responsibility is the parent.
  10. Love the children by being consistent as the authority, and in the discipline you mete out.
  11. Love the kids! Even if you have to hand out some discipline in the class, make sure they know before, during, and after the discipline that you love them.



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