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Guess the Name Contest!

webcharacters-1Zeek and Zebedee are thrilled to introduce you to their new friend on the Kids 4 Truth Website. Since they enjoy playing games, they want to play a game with your and your friends. Zeek and Zebedee want you to try to guess the name of their new friend. If you guess the name of their friend correctly, your name will be entered in a drawing to win a prize.

HINT: They are giving you a couple hints – don’t ask for more hints though, because they absolutely won’t give more than these:

  1. The name is unique (different).
  2. The name is in the Bible.

Zeek and Zebedee will hold a drawing with all of the correct entries. All correct entries will be entered into the drawing, and the Kids 4 Truth staff will choose the winning entry.


  • The winning entry Wins:
    • One of our new silicone bracelets
    • One of our new small totes. 
  • If winning person attends a church who uses the Kids 4 Truth curriculum, the church wins:
    • 100 of our new stickers featuring all three website characters.
    • One multi set of postcards.

If you want to join their game, you will need to email the following:

  1. Your name and email address – you MUST use a valid email address or you will be disqualified.
  2. Church that you attend
  3. Whether or not your church uses Kids 4 Truth curriculum/clubs materials.
  4. Your Guess for the name of Zeek and Zebedee’s friend

To be fair to everyone, here are the RULES:

  1. Contest runs 12:01 am April 1, 2011 – 11:59 pm April 30, 2011 (central time zone). 
  2. Winner to be drawn on May 1 and announced by May 7.
  3. Anyone can enter!
  4. One submission per day per person.
  5. Multiples entries from same email address are welcomed, if each entry is from a separate member of the same household. For example: If Dad and Mom have four children and one email address, they may send one email per day per family member making a total of 6 entries from that email address for that day; however each email MUST be for a separate family member.
  6. If you enter multiple times in one day, all entries from you for that day are disqualified. (See #4 above.)
  7. Multiple entries per day from the same person using multiple email addresses will disqualify person for that day. (See #4 above.)
  8. Each entry MUST be in its own email.
  9. Email addresses MUST be valid and MUST be able to accept an email from our staff ( or
  10. Churches may submit an entry on behalf of a person who does not have an email address; however, they MUST abide by rules #4 and #8.
  11. Churches may not submit all entries from their children together in one email. (See #8 above.)
  12. All entries must be submitted via email. You may not mail your entries via USPS.
  13. If the winning entry comes from a person whose church actively uses the Kids 4 Truth curriculum, both the winner and the church will receive a prize. Those attending churches that do not use Kids 4 Truth curriculum are welcomed to participate.
  14. Kids 4 Truth Board Members, Staff, and those within their household are ineligible.

Winner Notification:

  1. Winner will be notified via email by May 7.
  2. If the winner attends a church that uses Kids 4 Truth, both the winner’s prize and the church’s prize will be shipped to the church’s address. This will allow the church to present the person with their prize.
  3. If the winner does not attend a church that uses Kids 4 Truth curriculum, the winner will be responsible to respond to Kids 4 Truth with a valid shipping address with phone number within 5 working days of receiving the notification e-mail. If winner does not respond within 5 working days, another winner will be chosen.

For your convenience, we have created a flier with information from this blog post for distribution at your church or club. You will find this flier at:

Please let us know if you like this contest and if you would like to see more contests like this. You may email us at: or tell us in your email entry.




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